MoveFwd provides a stepping stone to early independence

Sometimes independence is thrust upon young people who aren’t ready for it. MoveFwd staff provides a safety net to help them succeed as they learn to make their own way. Here’s a story to demonstrate how we can help.

“Amelia” got caught in the middle of her parents’ divorce. She was 18 and neither parent was willing to continue supporting her — either financially or emotionally. She was legally an adult, but she lacked the skills, income and experience to navigate independence on her own. She was overwhelmed and on the verge of living on the streets. But she found her way to our drop-in center.

At MoveFwd, she found case managers who know the ropes. Amelia had already demonstrated courage and determination. She had a part-time job and was proving that she worked hard and could be trusted. But rent is expensive, she didn’t have savings for a damage deposit and her wages weren’t high enough to afford a safe place. Amelia’s case manager knew she was ready for our housing program.  She walked her through the application process, acted as an advocate with a potential landlord and agreed that MoveFwd would subsidize her rent at the beginning.

We also worked with Amelia to help her succeed as a new renter. We met regularly to help her learn about budgets, meal planning, setting boundaries with friends and being a good neighbor. After just a few months, Amelia was working more hours and started paying a higher portion of her rent. By the end of a year, she was paying all of it and her impressed landlord offered her a new one-year lease.

For over 25 years, we have helped young people like “Amelia” land on their feet when things get too hard to face alone. MoveFwd supports homeless and at-risk kids and their families with quick-response, barrier-free, no-cost counseling and case management. We serve young people at the older end of the spectrum with our housing program and Drop-in Center. All four programs are indispensable to our mission. Homelessness in our suburbs is a growing problem. Donors like you make our work possible. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for helping us help families and schools take care of our community’s young people.