Work at MoveFwd

MoveFwd Board Member - volunteer position

MoveFwd Board Member Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the MoveFwd mission and service goals
  • Attend bi-monthly board meetings
  • Membership and attendance on at least one board committee (meets bi-monthly opposite BOD meetings)
  • Annually review and approve the budget
  • Assist in the implementation of the fundraising plan
  • Annually review and approve the fundraising plan
  • Approve major actions and policies of MoveFwd, such as capital purchases and major program and service changes
  • Approve the executive director's performance review and compensation recommendations of the review committee
  • Assess the agency's performance against its stated goals
  • Assist in the recruitment of board and committee members
  • Ensure that MoveFwd is in compliance with all relevant laws
  • Participate in long range/strategic planning
  • Participate in the board's annual self assessment
  • Represent and Advocate for MoveFwd in the community
  • Voice the issues, concerns, and needs of the segment of the community that you represent
  • Make a personal financial contribution to MoveFwd
  • Furnish names of possible donors for annual appeal

For more information please contact Rachel Norman,