We’re making a difference! MoveFwd provides FREE and CONFIDENTIAL mental health and referral services to youth and families in partnership with four school districts and their communities in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.

What Youth Are Saying:

“I don’t know what I would have done without MoveFwd. You helped me through a really hard time. It was nice for me to have an adult to talk to. I just wanted to let you know I’ve been sober a year now — even though my Mom is still drinking. I’m planning to go to college next year.” – High school senior

“I’ve been living on my own for two years. My job doesn’t pay enough to meet all my expenses. Your assistance allows me to pay rent, and I don’t have to worry week-to-week about making ends meet. It allows me to concentrate on school rather than money.” – Youth receiving shelter assistance funds

“I just realized that when I wasn’t coming to school, all I did was worry about it. Now that I’m here my grades are way better… better than ever before.” – A teen struggling in school

What Parents Are Saying

“There’s a myth so many parents have. If we just love them enough, just give them enough, then everything will be okay. But we just aren’t that powerful. Your counselors helped us listen again. Thank you for helping me with my boys.”
– A parent

“With your help, I think we’re on the way to breaking this awful, violent cycle in our family. I’m so grateful you were able to help us move on. I’m also grateful your services were free. Since the divorce, money has been really tight.” – A mother

“I realized that there is no shame in asking for help.” – A father

“After meeting with them they told me we were using the right techniques and resources.
It was good to have that support.” – A parent

“You helped us work out some problems—without yelling.” – A parent

What the Community is Saying

“MoveFwd is the best type of program I’ve ever worked with.”
– A school counselor

“Exceptional — without it our school would be at a great loss.”
– A school social worker

“I can’t imagine working without MoveFwd. You’re on my speed dial!”
– A school social worker

“It is an invaluable service for teens in the community.”
– A community member

“A great program that has been very useful to our police department. I’m glad you exist.”
– A police officer

“Communities look to schools to fix problems that are well beyond the scope of what schools can do. It’s nice to have MoveFwd as a partner.”
– A police officer

“The work you do is really critical to us. A couple of times in what I considered to be serious situations, your people walked in and resolved it. We rely quite heavily on MoveFwd to help us.”
– An assistant principal