MoveFwd Drop-in Center provides a safety net to homeless young people

Our counselors and case managers help young people manage complex emotions, navigate relationships and even learn skills to survive independence when they’re forced out on their own too soon. Everything we do is youth-centered and family-focused. We work to prevent homelessness among at-risk youth and find safe housing for every young person.

We are connected to your community’s schools and most of our referrals come from school staff. But parents and young people can contact MoveFwd directly. Our drop-in center welcomes young people four afternoons every week.

Here’s a difficult story that demonstrates the value of our newest program — the MoveFwd Drop-in Center — to all of us. A few weeks ago, “Justine” appeared at our doorstep during drop-in hours with two suitcases and a few dollars. Her mom drove her here, leaving her at the curb with only this advice: “Don’t call me.” Because she’d only been in Minnesota a short time, she didn’t know even one single person to call after her mom drove away. Only 18 years old, she was shocked and scared. MoveFwd staff rallied around her. We found her a bed for the night, and by the time we dropped her off, she had stopped shaking.  We then were able to work with her and find safe and stable long-term housing.

For more than 25 years, we have helped young people land on their feet when things get too hard to face alone. MoveFwd supports homeless and at-risk kids and their families with quick-response, barrier-free, no-cost counseling and case management. We serve young people at the older end of the spectrum with our housing program and Drop-in Center. All four programs are indispensable to our mission. Homelessness in our suburbs is a growing problem. Donors like you make our work possible. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for helping us help families and schools take care of our community’s young people.