MoveFwd Housing Program

This is a 2 year program that provides housing, financial support and case management services to young adults ages 18-24 years old currently experiencing housing instability or homelessness.

How it works:

• Young adults admitted into program will sign their own lease in a market rate apartment and are responsible
   for complying with lease and landlord expectations as well as program requirements
• MoveFwd provides: application fee, security deposit and monthly rental support
     o Phase 1: MoveFwd pays 70% of the participants rent
     o Phase 2: MoveFwd pays 50% of the participants rent
     o Phase 3: MoveFwd pays 25% of the participants rent
     o Phase 4: MoveFwd pays 0% of the participants rent, continuing to provide Case Management
        and participant transitions into Aftercare program

To be considered:

• Those who demonstrate greatest need will be given priority
• Must be able to demonstrate 2 months of consistent employment (4 pay stubs)
• Must be earning a minimum of $1,000 a month (gross)
• Young adults will not be admitted if they have a felony, arson or sexual assault on their record
• Young adults with a mental health diagnosis will be expected to adhere to their treatment plan,
   including meeting with a therapist regularly and follow prescribed medication plan

Forms for the Housing Program: