MoveFwd Suburban Host Home Program

If you are a young person seeking housing:

The Suburban Host Home Program is a cooperative effort between MoveFwd and Avenues for Homeless Youth.  We understand that you want to stay in your school or work area. We will try to help you locate a host home in your community so you can keep in touch with your friends, stay in school and commute to your job.

Contact MoveFwd to explore the possibilities.

If you live in the western suburbs and have room in your heart and home to house a homeless youth:

The  Suburban Host Home Program, in partnership with Avenues for Homeless Youth, provides supported transitional housing arrangements in volunteer host homes. It’s a community initiative involving local schools, faith communities, local government, service providers and the greater suburban Hennepin County community.

The mission of the program is to address the housing needs of homeless youth by connecting them with caring adults from their own communities who are willing to provide safe housing and support. The goals of the program are to:

  1. Provide safe and supportive housing to suburban homeless youth by building upon the capacity and caring that exists within the suburban community.
  2. Expand awareness across the suburban community of the lives of homeless young people.

For more information, check out the website, email or call 612-522-1690 Ext 4.